True Life’s “I Have a Digital Drama” George Star and Nicole Adamo want you to follow them on Twitter, Facebook

Nicole Adamo and George Star

The first episode of the 2010 season of MTV’s addicting reality show True Life dealt with some heavy stuff: two young people getting transplants. It was a fascinating show, and Craig’s story was especially touching.

But just in case we were all spending too much time going too deep into appreciating this brief whisper of life we’ve all been inexplicably doled out, the second episode “I Have a Digital Drama” is as light and spun out as cotton candy.

“I Have a Transplant” dealt with two kids who wanted to survive and continue on the precious life they had left. Morgan, a bubbly college kid who seemed to not completely grasp the severe gravity of her situation (especially considering she didn’t take care of the first kidney transplant she received), definitely enjoyed the camera attention, but there was no indication she was planning to use True Life as a launching pad for fame, glory, and a reality dating show.

Now enter George Star and Nicole Adamo, stage left. They have a digital drama, but for them the word “drama” means more like a “staged theatrics” than “conflict in a relationship.”

Case in point, this promo video:

At the bottom of this promo on MTV, both George and Nicole promote their Twitter accounts, @Georgegstar &@nickilishious.

Facebook accounts: George, Nicole

And they also look like they’d make great Jersey Shore cast members if Snooki ever goes back to studying to be a vet tech and The Situation gets elected president (it could happen.)

Here’s more of George and Nicole having “digital drama,” while lookin’ in top Jersey Shore form. Hair is gelled and ironed, skin is thoroughly bronzed, and the stripper pole is being clung to. I can smell Axe body spray through the computer:

There’s also a couple of more normal people fighting about the dude’s constant text messaging:

And just in case you were wondering if George really just wanted to air and work through his “digital drama” or if he just wants to be a star, G-star, to be exact, you can check out his Google profile bio. In it G-Star proclaims to be a local celebrity and a “socialite at MTV.” He’s also pitching his own reality show “G-Style,” and says his influences are Joe Francis and Tommy Lee. Among companies he’s worked for, he lists MTV, although he appears to have no connection to MTV besides this True Life episode.

George "G-Star" Star from MTV's True Life

Here’s the full bio:

“George A, better known as “G-Star” has been unique from an early age.  Growing up in South Beach, Florida he has always stood out from the crowd with his unique style and extreme outgoing “center of attention” personality.  George attended college in Arizona shortly before moving to New York.  Once in New York he decided he wanted to be one of the biggest playboy’s that new york had ever seen.  George created the name “G- Hotti” and this is where it all began.  His willingness to speak his mind, and know exactly what he is looking for both out of life and realationship wise is what sets George apart.  Now 23, he has expanded from local celebrity to up and coming reality television star with appearances on The Tyra Banks Show, and A MTV True life series airing in late January 2010.  He proceeds with his TV career presently piloting his own reality series about looking for love “G-Style”. He hopes to bring his fun-loving, no holds barred, uncensored playboy lifestyle to the forefront of american television.  He claims to be influenced by such people as Joe Francis,(girls gone wild) and Tommy Lee.  George tells us he hopefully can create a brand out of being himself and showing the world what it truly means to be unique.  Ready to watch him in action? Stay Tuned!”

Here’s his Tyra episode, sure to be a shining point in anyone’s resume:

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