Top 10 moments from Mama June: From Not to Hot premiere


Honey Boo Boo matriarch Mama June is looking to trim her barn down in hopes of accentuating her beautimous self with the assistance of a gastric sleeve.

Her new show, Mama June: From Not to Hot, promises to document this journey. In honor of the return, we’ve redneckognized our picks for the top ten moments from the free online premiere full preview (obligatory SPOILER WARNING):

Alana packs her own lunch box(es) for school that include 6 Hostess Cup Cakes, 3-4 cans of food, a pint of ice cream, what looks like a container of Nutella, and a full bag of cheese balls.


Mama June reveals her weight.


Sugar Bear fesses up that he’s marrying a woman that Mama June hasn’t ever met. For more details on Sugar Bear’s bride including criticism from Mama June click here.


Viewers get to meet June’s lifelong friend and default handyman Big Mike.

Big Mike Not To Hot

Viewers also get to meet Mama June’s manager Gina Rodriguez. Gina’s made her own headlines before when former client Farrah Abraham called her some not so nice names.


An auto parts store manager named Jeff meets Mama June at a local country buffet. After just a few minutes he bails on an extremely awkward first date by heading out to his car after he pretends that he has to use the bathroom.


Beverly Hills surgeon Dr. Michael Feiz talks to June about the prospects of undergoing gastric sleeve surgery.


June’s older sister Doe Doe isn’t sure if opting for surgery after not really giving dieting a chance is a good idea.


Alana makes her mom a bacon scented pillow to snuggle with after her surgery.


And then Honey Boo Boo explains to the viewers just how her mom can go about enjoying said bacon scented pillow.

The WeTV network premiere of Mama June: From Not to Hot airs Friday night at 10/9c.