Tina Fey jokes that Golden Globes rain was just “God crying for NBC”

Golden Globe Awards 2010 - RED CARPET

Turns out it wasn’t really rain that was spoiling Chloe Sevigny’s dress, it was God’s tears. And God wasn’t weeping for Haiti, either, he was weeping for NBC, at least according to funnylady Tina Fey.

When asked about the rain by an NBC red carpet reporter she replied, “It’s just god crying for NBC.”

Fey was in good spirits tonight, wearing a fun, zany Alice-in-Wonderland style dress (with fun red crinoline underneath) with big bows on her feet and cracking jokes about the declining state of her own network.

Speaking of NBC’s shambles, click here to watch Leno’s big announcement about the future of The Tonight Show back in 2004. Bet he’s regretting those words now. No wonder Conan’s pissed. Remember Leno, every time you make a funny ginger cry, the angels weep. Just ask Tina Fey.

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