Tiger Woods never had sex with Loredana Jolie! Audio proof

When you have more than a baker’s dozen of mistresses, it’s hard to make sure the media stays precise about exactly how many you really had sex with, and how many you just paid to get naked with.

The most shocking thing to come out of the Tiger Woods scandal besides the initial scandal itself is the admission from mistress Loredana Jolie that she’s not actually a mistress! This is the one writing a kinky book about Tiger Woods, and she never really did anything with him!

She’s in the middle of milking the scandal for all it’s worth, but her former publicist (Teisha Dynell a.k. Miss $wiss) is gunning for some publicity herself and calling lies on Loredana. And she has proof to back it up: a recording of Loredana admitting that she never had sexual relations with Tiger, and never saw any of the other girls he hired to entertain him have sex with him either.