The Town trailer, featuring Ben Affleck’s abs and Blake Lively’s boobs

The trailer for writer/actor/director Ben Affleck’s latest flick The Town is out and it looks like it has lots of action and drama, but two things really stuck out: Ben Afleck’s killer abs and Blakely Lively’s decolletage. They pretty much carried the whole trailer.

Blakely Lively’s character Krista seems fantastic. Her trashy-girl-with-a-heart-of-gold seems more interesting than the all the rest of the characters, especially the doe-eyed hostage Ben’s character (Dough MacBray) falls in love with. Doug should stay with Krista!

Here’s the full trailer:

The Town is another Affleck film set in Boston, and is based on Chuck Hogan’s Prince of Thieves. Afflecks’ character Doug is a charming Beantown robber who steals the heart of his hostage while breaking the heart of his ex-girlfriend Krista (Blake Lively). Man Men’s Jon Hamm plays an FBI agent aching to take Doug down and watch him die in prison.