The Starcasm Fine Art Collection – Giacometti’s Lindsay Lohan

Lindsay Lohan at the opening of a Matthew Williamson store in New YorkLindsay Lohan is making a run at her second “America’s Biggest Loser” crown, this time for weight loss. Lilo recently appeared at the opening of Matthew Williamson’s New York store and the already diminutive actress model singer personality person celebrity looked like the female main character from Tim Burton’s A Nightmare Before Fashion Week. When I saw this photo, the first three things I thought of were:

1. Sally Struthers is using models to raise money for the Christian Dior Children’s Fund

2. The CW is remaking Ally McBeal

3. It’s a Giacometti sculpture in a dress

I chose to go with number three and add to the growing Starcasm Fine Art Collection. On the left is Alberto Giacometti’s famous 1960 sculpture “Grande femme debout II,” and on the right is the Lohanian “Granorexia femme debout.”

Grande femme debout II by Alberto GiacomettiLindsay Lohan sculpture by Alberto Giacometti

Lohan says that the weight loss is not intentional, telling Us weekly at the Matthew Williamson store opening, “”I eat. I had my Big Mac yesterday from McDonald’s.” She claims that she has never weighed herself and doesn’t know the amount of weight she has lost, insisting, “I eat just as much as I always have.”

I think this joke from Jeff Foxworthy’s under-appreciated eating disorder-themed comedy album sums it up:

If your answer to “Are you too skinny?” is “No, I had a Big Mac yesterday” then you might be anorexic.

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