The Real Housewives of Potomac Season 7 trailer is here! VIDEO

RHOP Season 7 cast

Thank heavens the day has come! The Real Housewives of Potomac Season 7 finally has a trailer and we couldn’t be more excited to dissect it. Before you read what we think, watch it for yourself:

There is A LOT in this trailer. Feuds that are expected and unexpected. Health issues. Divorces that don’t really sound like divorces. Here’s what we can tell is going to go down:

Candiace Will Keep #RHOP Trending

Candiace Dillard-Bassett has come to serve in her little matching outfits and we are here. for. it. In the trailer she seems to have an issue with almost everyone and it is bound to keep her name trending in the Twittersphere.

In a more shocking twist, the storyline with her husband Chris includes both a potential pregnancy and infidelity rumors with none other than Queen Gizelle (we were shocked too!) Giz seems pretty convinced that Chris was making the moves on her and we are ready to be judge and jury once the evidence is presented.

Fans already know what to expect when it comes to being a Candiace stan but this trailer does tell us is that we might have our work cut out for us.

Ashley 2.0 is Here

Ashley is ready to let loose and is dropping hints of it all over the trailer, even alluding to hooking up with a hockey player! With a few new looks and a spring in her step it looks like Ashley is ready to play and fight… and we don’t know which is more exciting.

Her story isn’t all sunshine and cherry blossoms however. Of course her (soon to be ex) husband Michael Darby is causing an abundance of trouble for her as always. Disappearing to do God knows what, he seems to be putting family last as the two are amidst divorce.

Shockingly, Ashley admits she may be purchasing a home with him still, leaving the rest of the Real Housewives of Potomac confused. We’re gonna need a lot more information on this one, girl!

Health Will be a Focus

Not one but two housewives seem to be discussing their health in season 7. First up we see Mia Thornton and her health scare recently reported by Starcasm. While this isn’t a topic that is typically questioned, leave it to the “Green Eyed Bandits” to ask if Thornton was serious.

In the trailer we hear who we believe to be Robyn asking, “What is this activity on social media? I am sick, I’m not sick.” The video cuts to a confrontation between Mia and Gizelle which leaves Thornton reeling.

Also battling with illness is Dr. Wendy, who is seen being carted around a hospital wearing a mask. The Potomac star says “I push myself too much” as her family looks on worried. This is definitely something that has us concerned!

Charrisse: The Return of the Best FoH

Possibly the most exciting thing to come out of the trailer is the return of Charrisse Jackson Jordan. The champagne-room diva started as a housewife but has really shined as a “friend of” dropping in to stir the pot and drive everyone crazy. From what we see from the season 7 trailer, things will be no different this time around.

Charrisse’s mere presence seems to invoke a visceral reaction from Karen, causing the #RHOP vet to fake her way out of some sort of athletic competition in order to avoid confrontation. Anyone who can rattle the Grand Dame has us listening. Which leads us to…


Karen Huger is said to be the fan favorite and it looks like she’s going to earn the title again this season due to a few crazy outbursts and some salacious gossip surrounding her marriage to Ray.

References to “eye candy” and “a man who is not (her husband)” are meant to have us questioning whether the Grand Dame is having an  affair. We’re on the edge of our seats to know more!

Looks like Kurn is going to pop off on the ladies, also. Getting in several fights in the first few minutes of the trailer it looks like the fan favorite is anything but neutral this season.

We cannot wait to follow the best housewives franchise The Real Housewives of Potomac as it premieres Sunday October 9 at 8 p.m. ET with a 75-minute episode.

Ashley Marie is a writer for Starcasm and the personality behind Twitter’s @RealityByAshley. You can contact Ashley via Twitter or email at realitybyashley(at)

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