Joaquin Catastro-Phoenix Raps For Self Documentary

Joakanye Joaquin Phoenix raps like Kanye WestJoaquin Phoenix is not only changing careers, but he has the foresight to document it for posterity. He’s been seen at a couple Hollywood hotspots with camera in tow, first at Bardot on November 17 where Joaquin and crew just kinda hung out, and then at Dam-Funk’s Funkmosphere where Joakanye West got behind the mic to rap and shake his laffy taphoenix.

How lucky are we? Not only does rap music and the music industry in general have a potential savior, but we get a 12 part mini-series on PBS narrated by Joaken Burns himself! (If only we had behind-the-scenes film footage of such historical acting-to-music career transitionists as Bruce Willis, Don Johnson, Keanu Reeves, Scarlett Johansson, Kevin Costner and Eddie Murphy! Alas, all we have are the classic albums and a handful of beautifully crafted music videos.)

Joaquin Phoenix DVD box set out soonThere is no word when the Joaqumentary (or even an album for that matter) will be released, but do not fear because starcasm will CERTAINLY stay on top of this story!



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