The Curious Case Of Tony Romo (Lil Tony Womo)

Benjamin Buttons isn’t the only one aging backwards – Dallas Cowboys quarterback Tony Romo has passed the toddler stage and is now a big baby.

Earlier in the season, little Tony Womo missed four weeks due to a boo boo on his pinkie finger. And this past Sunday, after getting spanked by division rivals Philadelphia in a must-win season finale, Womo caused quite a stir when he collapsed in the locker room shower. The little feller was eventually able to walk with help from teammates, avoiding having to use a stretcher brought in by the medical staff. Girlfriend Jessica Simpson (Yoko Womo) “rushed to his side as soon as she found out that Tony got hurt,” a source told People magazine, which only confirms the Benjamin Buttons theory. How could you not be a baby if a seven-year-old girl comes to your rescue?

But, in case you needed further evidence, we have a starcasm exclusive photo from inside the Dallas Cowboy locker room:

The Tony Romo end of the Dallas Cowboy locker room

Frustrated by the infantile actions of Womo, fellow Texan Willie Nelson has started performing one of his classic hits with altered lyrics:

Willie Nelson sings for Tony Romo

****UPDATE – Here’s another Womo baby photo of him and his little doggie and his other little doggie.

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