The Bachelorette: Bentley Williams flew out to Hong Kong to break Ashley Hebert’s heart again

Ashley Hebert’s season of the The Bachelorette is getting crazy ratings and attention, mostly because of a douchy villain named Bentley Williams. Bentley used his wooing skills to convince Ashley that he was into her, but revealed less enthusiastic feelings towards the camera. The unknowing Ashley, who was feeling things for Bentley, unknowingly wasted her breath during episode 2 begging him to stay “if he felt anything.” It turns out she got a double dose of douche from the Bentmeister.

The viewers got to see Bentley say about the unsuspecting Ashley that kissing her “sucked,” he would “rather swim in pee” than marry her, and that he wished Emily Maynard had been the Bachelorette. He relished taking advantage of Ashley’s emotions after she was brutally roasted by William during a poor (but perhaps brilliant) group date. William’s must hurtful zinger said exactly what Bentley was feeling: that he was disappointed to arrive at The Bachelorette and not find Emily Maynard. When Bentley saw Ashley sobbing in the corner, and he said he didn’t want to pass up an opportunity to “mess with her head.” Once Ashley’s head was sufficiently messed up, he told Ashley he had to leave because he missed his daughter Cozy.

Reality Steve says that Bentley returns on Episode 6 when Ashley at the boys are in Hong Kong, and Chris Harrison sort of confirmed this in an interview. He didn’t outright confirm it, but did say “Ashley definitely has a hard time moving past this and the only reason they would allow Bentley back on the show is if Ashley wanted it. It’s her call.”

Life & Style has a source, claiming to be Bentley’s friend, who explains why Bentley took time out of his life to fly back to see a girl “who wasn’t really his type.” According to Bentley’s bud, the investment banker was just stoked about a free vacation. Another “friend” says Bentley was probably also pleased to get more airtime and ham it up because he wants to be a famous millionaire.