The Bachelor Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue spread with Ashley Hebert, Michelle Money and Chantal O’Brien

The Bachelor Brad Womack on the 2011 SI Swimsuit Issue

UPDATE – The SI Swimsuit Issue is out now! For some AMAZING hi-res bikini photos of the ladies as well as brief “making of” videos for each, just click their names: CHANTAL O’BRIEN, ASHLEY HEBERT, MICHELLE MONEY.

In a bit of ingenious cross-marketing next week’s Valentine’s Day episode of The Bachelor will feature a date with Brad Womack in which three of the lucky ladies will pose for a spread in the 2011 Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue!

The Bachelor's Ashley Hebert poses in a bikini for the Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue

The six remaining bachelorettes will be packing their bags and heading to the island of Anguilla where Brad will reveal the special date and the names of those that will be joining the ranks of swimsuit supermodels Irina Shayk, Hilary Rhoda and Brooklyn Decker in the hallowed pages of the 2011 Bikini Bible.

The Bachelor Brad Womack and Ashley Hebert in the 2011 Sports Illustrated Swimsuit IssueSo who are they? The answer is Ashley Hebert, Chantal O’Brien and Michelle Money! Those are three fine choices, although if you’ve seen any of the “ladies in the pool” scenes from this season then you realize there really were no bad choices.

Michelle Money is obviously overplaying the role of the villain (which makes sense given her experience as an actress), but that doesn’t take anything away from her stunning good looks and juicy bikini booty! I’m guessing she will have the sexiest, most in-your-face photo of the three.

We gave you a little Ashley H. bikini preview in our profile post on her and have included a photo of her and Brad from the Sports Illustrated shoot (above and right). Ashley seems like a lot of fun and that spirit comes across great in the pictures! (Yeah yeah – so does her amazing dancer’s body.)

I confess that I am a little excited to see Chantal’s picture! Of all the contestants she was the hardest one to dig anything up on (aside from a high school prom photo) so it should be fun to see exactly what she’s got goin’ on!

UPDATE – Here are some shots of Chantal from the episode! She was very self conscious about her body but she looks fantastic! (Are those bikini bottoms as not there as they seem?)

Chantal O'Brien poses in a bikini for the Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue

Chantal O'Brien bikini photo

The magazine comes out on February 15, the day after the episode airs, so be sure to rush down to the newsstand and get your copy! We will try to post up the photos of Ashley, Michelle and Chantal on the site as soon as they are available! Until then, here’s a video clip from the shoot:

UPDATE – A couple more screen caps from the episode, including Brad Womack and Michelle Money’s steamy make-out session as well as Ashley Hebert and Chantal O’Brien’s topless photos!

Michelle Money in a bikini making out with Brad Womack for the SI Swimsuit Issue

The Bachelor's Chantal O'Brien topless for the Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue

The Bachelor's Ashley Hebert topless for the Sports Illustrates Swimsuit Issue