Teen Mom Chelsea Houska shares photo and videos of Aubree

Teen Mom Chelsea Houska

During the most recent episode of Teen Mom 2 Chelsea Houska is shown possibly rekindling a romance with unpopular baby-daddy Adam Lind. We were able to get some insider information on some spoilers in regards to the possibility. If you’re interested in finding out the current state of Chelsea and Adam’s romance you can follow up on that here.

In the mean time while Chelsea sits back and watches the episodes play out like the rest of us she has started her own YouTube account and has shared two adorable little videos of baby Aubree.  Sometimes the most important part of the show, the babies, gets lost in the wake of the lives of their mothers so it’s good to get a little reminder of what all of this Teen Mom stuff is about.

Before we get to the two videos here’s a photo Chelsea posted via her Twitter page of Aubree Skye experiencing the universal joy that is popcorn:

Aubree Skye eating popcorn from Chelsea Houska's Twitter page

Awwwwwww!  Okay, here’s the two videos posted by Chelsea so far of an adorable baby Aubree hamming it up for the cameras.  It’s amazing how much Aubree has grown, it’s a cliche but they DO grow up fast!

Here is a little bit of Aubree dancing:

And here’s Chelsea and her daughter laughing it up for the web camera as opposed to MTV’s cameras:

Chelsea appears to be in the best situation out of the four young mothers that comprise the cast of Teen Mom 2.  She has an emotionally and financially supportive father and close friends that at least for now seem to be trying to steer Chelsea in the right direction (mostly that means away from Adam).  While she does have that important support we can still see during the show that being a single young mom has its difficulties regardless of your situation.  The loneliness that she feels comes across clear as day.

Episode 3 of Teen Mom 2 airs tonight and I’m interested in seeing how the relationship between Chelsea, Adam, Chelsea’s dad and most importantly Aubree play out during the season.  From the videos and photo provided by her doting mother it looks like the little gal is doing great.  I certainly hope that’s the case.