Our apologies folks – we are switching servers in hopes that we can avoid repeating our “digg spike” experience and our plan was to do it quickly in the middle of the night without anyone knowing. D’OH! …(Fast forward through seven hours of emails, phone calls and error message google searches)… We’re all settled in our new home now (knock on wood) and we should have enough virtual square footage to handle however many unexpected guests may pop in 🙂

Starcasm as Butters from South Park

It’s funny how personally connected you can get to a silly little blog – today has felt like that dream where you’re in school and realize you’re just wearing underwear. All the other technically literate sites were pointing at us and laughing, “Dork! Better go home to mommy and properly transition your DNS.” Angry diggers were commenting obscenities left and right. Pete Wentz was able to relax and ask the question, “Who’s the douchebag now?” Ugh.

Thankfully our site has clothes again and we can get back to our “regular” nightmares of plastic surgery gone horribly wrong, Amy Winehouse in the Caribbean updates and the return of a faultless Sarah Palin.

Ahhh. It feels good to be back!

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