Starcasm Pinup Collection – Shirtless Robert Pattinson From New Moon

I had someone point out that the Starcasm Pinup Collection is a little bit gender-biased. At first I was defensive, but the the evidence in support of this claim was undeniable. (Six women, no men so far) Just like all other aspects of my life, decisions about the content of my blog seem to be subconsciously affected by the power of the boobies! (Click here for a great illustration of the mysterious and undeniable power of which I speak)

So, I figured I’d do one for the ladies out there (especially the squeally kind!) with a drawing of Robert Pattinson based on a shirtless photo taken from the set of the New Moon Twilight sequel currently in production. To further speed up the gender de-biasing process, I busted out the ol’ oil pastels for some full-on vampirifc color action that includes the use of my patented process of pale-o-rific spookitization! I even drew him on unlined paper!

Anyway, this goes out to all the ladies – especially Taylor Blue from Ten Gossip, who has been championing Mop Toppert Pattinson on starcasm since day one 🙂

Robert Pattinson shirtless from New Moon

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