Spurned woman pulls knife on man who once dropped weed-filled trousers on cops


It’s highly unlikely that Crue Finley will ever forget his evening spent with Elizabeth Highley as he learned the Florida hard way that hell hath no fury like a woman scorned.

The 56-year-old Florida woman was regaling the 25-year-old Florida man at her home in Jensen Beach, Florida. Highley got randy and came on to Finley, according to his statements to police, and when he rejected her woo – she got so angry she pulled a knife on him.

The police report (via TSG) indicates that Finley assured authorities they “were not a couple” that Highley “wanted to have sex” but he “rejected her sexual advances causing her to become angry and violent.”


As Crue attempted to exit the motley scene, Elizabeth is alleged to have cut him across his thumb. Feeling lowly from the rejection, Highley proceeded to chase Crue outside of the residence with the knife and a broken wooden cane until cops arrived and intervened.

It turns out that Crue has his own bit of fabulous Florida history as he was arrested in 2013 on Thanksgiving Day for getting upset with the police and mooning them – while carrying a couple of bags of marijuana in the pants he pulled down.

Yes… Crue once pulled down his pants for the police but he wouldn’t pull ’em down for Highley.

Highley faces a felony assault charge.

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