Snooki loves to drink coffee and read books at Barnes and Noble

The Jersey Shore cast appeared on Ellen today to dispel rumors that they are less than erudite. Snooki explained:

“I’ll go to frickin’ Barnes & Nobles, get a coffee and just sit down and read. No one would ever think that.”

It’s true, Snooks, that no one would think that, but that’s just because you’ve given us every reason in the world NOT to think that.

Exhibit A: Your vocabulary. There are many examples of word misuse, but Ronnie said it best when he deduced that the anonymous note left for him couldn’t have been written by you because it used the word “wisely.”

Exhibit B: She has graduated high school and started college, but has only read three books in her life: Twilight, Dear John, and The 48 Laws of Power.

Source on Snooki’s reading history: Zap2it & Buzzfeed

What you do have going for you in the bookworm department, however, is your enjoyment of all-day long booze (to the point of getting arrested) and random sex. No group of people is more drunken, disorderly, and debauched than lovers of literature and aspiring authors.

Snooks’ reading list: