Sarah Silverman to appear on Larry King Live Tuesday pushing her new book

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This is a heads-up for a possible tasty Tivo moment.  Notorious offensive riffer-comedian Sarah Silverman will appear on Larry King Live on Tuesday night.  We’re calling it “Silverman vs. Suspenders”.  She was originally scheduled for tonight but from a TV promo I just saw she has been bumped to Tuesday (perhaps to give The King of Divorce more prep time).  I would put Silverman on a top-ten list of people you don’t want on your show when you’re caught up in a nasty public romance scandal ( Chris Rock would be one too, ask Letterman).  Then again when it comes to TV and women it’s hard to argue with Larry’s track record.

Silverman will be pushing her new book “The Bedwetter: Stories of Courage, Redemption and Pee.”

At the Barnes and Noble site they have the following questions to determine if you may be interested in the new book:

At HarperCollins, we are committed to customer satisfaction. Before proceeding with your purchase, please take the following questionnaire to determine your likelihood of enjoying this book:

1. Which of the following do you appreciate?

(a) Women with somewhat horse-ish facial features.
(b) Women who, while not super Jew-y, are more identifiably Jewish than, say, Natalie Portman.
(c) Frequent discussion of unwanted body hair.

2. Are you offended by the following behavior?

(a) Instructing one’s grandmother to place baked goods in her rectal cavity.
(b) Stripping naked in public—eleven times in a row.
(c) Stabbing one’s boss in the head with a writing implement.

3. The best way to treat an emotionally fragile young girl is:

(a) Murder the main course of her Thanksgiving dinner before her very eyes.
(b) Tell her that her older sister is prettier than she, and then immediately die.
(c) Prevent her suicide by recommending she stay away from open windows.

If you read the above questions without getting nauseous or forming a hate Web site, you are ready to buy this book! Please proceed to the cashier.

Sarah is also putting the word out on her Twitter page:

Silverman’s act is getting a little tired, her show on Comedy Central is almost certainly going to end after three seasons, but do not be fooled she still is fearless and I just know she is lining up her best arsenal of Larry King jokes to deliver Tuesday.   Larry King jokes are too easy right?  Larry King computer graphics jokes however:

It should be worth watching, unless you’re Shannon Engemann.