Sahel Kazemi DUI Videos 2 Days Before Shooting Herself And Steve McNair

Here are four different versions of the police video of Steve McNair’s girlfriend Sahel Kazemi being pulled over for DUI. The top one is the complete, unedited version. Reportedly, Steve McNair was a passenger in the vehicle at the time, but left via cab during the officer’s interview and sobriety test of Kazemi.


Sahel Kazemi was laughing during the interview and even teasing the officer, saying at one point that she had not been drinking but was just high. She quickly corrected herself by saying, “I’m not high.”

During the officer’s interview, and after McNair had left in a taxi, Kazemi received a phone call from a man identifying himself as Steve. Talking on speakerphone, the caller was heard telling Kazemi that the officer was the same one that had arrested him before. (McNair’s brother had been pulled over by the same officer in 2007 for DUI. McNair wasn’t driving but was charged for allowing someone that was inebriated to drive his car. The charge were later dropped.)

The man on the phone advised Sahel, “Do not let him know anything.”

Kahel responded with, “I know, baby, you’re on the speakerphone.”

McNair later posted Kazemi’s bail.

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