Real Housewives of New York to star in ‘Dora the Explorer: Escape from Scary Island?’

Dora the Explorer and Kelly Bensimon star in Escape from Scary Island

Dora the Explorer was in New York City Tuesday filming the latest episode her famous children’s show in which she tries to explain to children all about being crazy. The one-hour special is going to be called “Dora the Explorer: Escape from Scary Island” and it will co-star the cast of The Real Housewives of New York City!

What’s that? Oh wait – I was completely wrong. It seems Dora was in the Big Apple along with Housewife Kelly Bensimon to attend Nickelodeon’s “Beyond the Backpack” at Macy’s Herald Square store. A number of celebrities (and Bravolebrities!) auction off their backpacks for charity. (You can find out more about the auction and see tons of photos from the event HERE.)

(The winner of Kelly’s backpack will be pleased to find bonus gifts inside that include a pair of rusty scissors, a Bethenny Frankel voodoo doll, an issue of Vogue with letters cut out of the interior, an orange peel, three pebbles and a hand written manuscript of Kelly’s latest magazine article for Gotham titled “Systematic Bullying and the Systematic Bullies who Systematic Bully.”)

(Photo: Larry Busacca/Getty Images for Nickelodeon)

In the above photo you can see Dora making the “OMG! You really are cuh-razy!” expression.

I know, I know! Kelly’s not really crazy – she just gets Kelly Bensimotional sometimes. (That was for you Andy Cohen!) All joking and wordplay aside, Kelly really is crazy. Also, Dora the Explorer: Escape from Scary Island would be a surreal action/adventure for the ages! Think Inception meets Salt!