Robert Pattinson Cuts His Hair, But The ‘Do Lives On!

Twilight heartthrob Robert Pattinson sheared off his trademark locks, leaving hundreds of thousands of tweenie girls all over the globe lighting candles in honor of the dead bed head. Fear not mothers of tomorrow! The magic you perceived in the chaos of that Dionysian mop was real! It has lived many lives and has many yet to live! A distant mutated cousin of Star Trek’s Tribbles, this untameable head beard has bounced from scalp to scalp for thousands of years, living a similar life to those immortal bloodsuckers we can’t seem to get enough of at the theaters.

Perhaps you don’t believe in reincarnation – can’t find it in your limited imagination to comprehend the immortal greatness that is the Hindu Hairdo. Well, avert your eyes ye disbelievers! For the proof to follow will surely shake the the foundation upon which… (A little over the top?) Anyway, Here are some of the Pattinson ‘do’s past lives and possible future noggin hotels:

Past lives of the Robert Pattinson hairdo

Future lives of the Robert Pattinson hairdo

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