Report: Ghost of Steve Jobs haunts The Situation

When it comes to the craze that is any new Apple product even Jersey Shore’s own Michael “The Situation” Sorrentino has to obey the rules of line etiquette!

According to Gizmodo via tweeter @laurennmcc The Situation got into an uncomfortable situation when he tried to cut in line at an Apple store to get his hands on the new iPhone 4S. Man, maybe it should be changed to GTLA(pple) with this latest bit of information.

Here was the tweet:

I don’t know about the whole “hero” thing but when the company’s gajillionaire Steve Wozniak waits in line, then you wait in line. Capisce?

The ghost of Steve Jobs is watching you Sitch! At least Tom Petty and Eddie Vedder understand your pain:

Photo: Judy Eddy/

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