RHNYC’s Countess Luann de Lesseps To Divorce

According to Page Six, the Real Housewives of New York City‘s resident manners and relationship “expert” Countess Luann deLesseps is splitting from her husband of sixteen years, Count Alex deLesseps. (Most everywhere on the web spelled de Lessep with a space, but Luann’s own website spelled it deLesseps so that’s what I’m going with. UPDATE – A year has passed and adding the space seems to be the accepted spelling.) The Page Six source says the Countess received an email from the Count letting her know he was seriously involved with an Ethiopian woman in Geneva. (Why aren’t we watching The Real Counts of Geneva? Now that sounds exciting!)

Countess Luan deLesseps and her Count

The source goes on to say, “Luann was blindsided. She was just devastated,” which makes all the sense in the world considering she lives in New York City and he has resided in Europe for the last few years. Perhaps living in separate countries will be one of the marital tips offered in the Countess’ book “Class with the Countess: How to Live with Elegance and Flair,” available next month.

I’m just glad Bethenny no longer has to stomach the horribly demeaning dating advice from the Countess, which included such gems as:

“Don’t tell him everything about you – find out everything about him. You want to be the damsel, a little bit in distress – they love that, guys love that. That you’re…vulnerable and not so sharp as a whip as you are and so quick and so everything. Sit back and let him do the talking, and ask him a lot of questions about himself.”

“With Alex I have to, you know, sometimes just go, ‘Okaaaaaay, let him be a man.'”

“The problem today with women – I think guys are fed up with, you know, being kind of too equal with women, you know.”

Yeah, us men are OK with “equal,” it’s when you women get a little “too equal” that we start to get irate! ??? (Maybe that’s like Octo-mom getting “too pregnant?”) All you savvy male players out there should have already ordered a copy of “Class with the Countess” as a gift for your significant others. You’ll come across as thoughtful (because of course she loves the show) while at the same time she’ll be learning to shut up and “let you be a man.” Women should steer clear, unless you’re looking to be married to a Count that lives in another country or a no-count Ike Turner type that lives in yours.

How do titles like Countess work when it comes to divorce? Will Luann still be a Countess? Or an ex-Countess? Or will she have to revert back to her previous title, Aging Former Model Luann de Lessep? Perhaps Season Three will reveal these secrets and more! Until then, here’s a video of the Countess doling out her unwanted wisdom and advice to Bethenny:

****UPDATE 4/7/09 – The Countess tells US Magazine: “It’s been really difficult for me, I just need time.” About her relationship with the count? “We are going to be friends, and we’re going to do the best thing for our kids.” And how about the title question? “I’ll always be the Countess!”

And here’s a rundown on the other newsworthy happenings for the Real Housewives of NYC, thanks to the Huffington Post: Ramona is in trouble at her daughter’s school, Kelly Bensimon is in legal trouble for allegedly hitting her boyfriend, lost a modeling gig and is also selling her Hamptons home. Alex McCord lost her job and is now blogging for HuffPost about her job search.

****UPDATE 4/13/09 – More Big Apple Housewives news! Bethenny Frankel is reportedly dating New York Yankees’ third baseman and Madonna’s ex-boyfriend Alex Rodriguez! Get the scoop (and take the “Which RHoNYC team are you on?” poll) HERE!

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