Raffaello Follieri Already Sick Of Prison

Raffaello Follieri in prisonAnne Hathaway’s greasy sleazy Italianeesy ex is having a hard time adjusting to hard time. Raffaello Follieri’s attorney wrote a letter to officials requesting that his client be relocated because the unsanitary conditions are making Follieiri sick.

“He says that he cannot eat because the food appears to be spoiled and that the toilet and shower facilities are unspeakably unsanitary,” part of the letter reads.

We’re gonna go against all that is right and help you out Raffi. It’s well known that part of your financial scamming that led to your jail sentence involved fraudulent ties to the Catholic Church, and even a personalized letter from Pope John Paul II. We figure that if it worked one time, why not try again? All you need to do is print out this letter and you should be playing tennis at a minimum security resort in no time. (If your “unsanitary” conditions don’t allow internet access, just have your lawyer print it out)

Raffaello Follieri letter from the Pope

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