Proof Cher’s got good genes: her 86-year-old mom Georgia Holt

Cher's mom looks healthy 86 Georgia Holt

66-year-old Cher looks amazing (thanks to plastic surgery and working out) but she’s also got some good genes. Exhibit A is her 86-year-old mom Georgia Holt, who recently wowed Obama. Cher shared this pic on Twitter, which she snapped right before Georgia met The Prez. Cher told him mom’s age, and he responded with “Georgia, tell me what you eat.”

Yes, Georgia, please tell us what you eat!

Georgia has also tried her hand at the entertainment biz. Cher caught the entertainment buzz from seeing Georgia (real name Jackie Jean Crouch) perform onstage when she was an aspiring actress and model. Cher’s father was an Armenian farmer who Georgia divorced while she was still pregnant with Cher. As a single mom, Georgia struggled financially, and because of that even put Cher in foster care for a time (according to did any info about when this happened, or for how long, but eventually things got better and Georgia helped Cher get acting lessons so she could pursue her dreams.

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