Pink Bikini War: Jessica Simpson v. Vanessa Minnillo

The blogosphere has erupted recently with the news that former lovers and reality show stars Nick Lachey and Jessica Simpson are both getting married to their current fiancees.  Nick is set to marry the lovely Jessica Minnillo while Jessica will be getting hitched to ex-NFL football tight end Eric Johnson.

All of this is fine and dandy and it warms the heart to know that the two have moved on from each other and will be saying their respective “I dos” soon.  But as we like to do here at Starcasm we’ve got to the real heart of the matter at hand when it comes to this whole sordid affair.  Which one of of Nick’s chicks looks hotter in a tiny pink bikini?  Some of us can question the peculiar timing of the two announcing their engagements in such close proximity but ALL of us need to know which babe has the hotter pink bikini bod.  Lets do it!

Recently Nick and current squeeze Vanessa Minnillo were caught on camera relaxing in Los Cabos, Mexico celebrating the their birthdays, which just so happen to fall on the same day.  They were seen sharing drinks and showing some serious skin with friends.  Here are two photos of smoldering hot Vanessa, one from the front and one from behind, courtesy of

Vanessa Minnillo in Mexico pink bikini

Vanessa Minnillo in Mexico pink bikini backside

Now we have to take into consideration for this pink bikini brawl that these shots of Vanessa were taken from a “paparazzi safe distance” and aren’t of the absolute highest quality.  In addition these are candid so Vanessa was not aware that she was going to be “engaged” in a Nick chick bikini war.

Next up is Jessica Simpson, I didn’t have to travel far in my mind to remember her in a pink bikini.  As a matter of fact the only scene my brain decided not to forget from the film Dukes of Hazzard was the notorious penis Enos seduction scene.

Here’s the video just in case you haven’t seen it or if you simply wanted to see it again and again and again:

Woah man this is going to get pinkini nasty up in here.  Well now that we’ve seen the nominations let’s get to the all important side-by-side comparisons.  First up is our “Ladies of the Lachey” from the front.

Vanessa Minnillo_Jessica Simpson_Pink Bikini

Holy smokes this may be my favorite Bikini Bliss post yet.   After you take in that side-by-side for a few and catch your breath we’ll move on to the view from behind.  Are you ready?  Allright it’s time to honk if you love badonk!

Vanessa Minnillo_Jessica Simpson_Pink Bikini_backside

Well there you have it judges.  All the information required to make an informed decision has been provided.  So who do you believe has won this pink bikini booty battle?  As for me I believe the CLEAR winner here is Nick Lachey.

Vanessa Minnillo bikini images: / Jessica Simpson bikini images: YouTube

Top Photo: Hannah Foslien: Getty Images / Mark Mainz : Getty Images