PHOTOS: Zahia Dehar prostitute caught up in French World Cup Team’s sex scandal

How do you say SHAZAAAM in French?  Well the French World Cup team has got themselves caught up in a sex scandal and her name is Zahia Dehar.  Is the problem because she is a prostitute?  No way man – we’re talking about France! The problem has to do with the fact that she may have been a little under-aged at the time of the improprieties with some of the members of France’s World Cup team.

The Telegraph is reporting that the top-poppin’ Zahia Dehar claims she had sex with three members of the team: Franck Ribery,Karim Benzema and Sidney Govou before she turned 18, the legal age to be a working prostitute in France.  She is “shocked” that the athletes might face prison time saying they should be left alone and that they treated her “with utter respect.”  She also indicated that she falsely told them she was of age.

Ribery is a major star in France and also happens to be married.  Oopsydaisy. Can you say Tiger Woobery? Frank Tigeribery? Ben Roethlisbery? (OK – that was a bit much. Zahia may have been under 18 but she was consenting!)

Dehar was one of 18 girls questioned by police after a raid on the Café Zaman, a popular club on the Champs Elysee. Police said she has cooperated and that she will not face any criminal charges.  However, we do think she may need a license for the ol’ you-know-whats.

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