PHOTOS Zach Braff unleashes Scrubs sexy on Hawaii

Scrubs sexy as Zach Braff derobes in Maui

Do it Braffinator! Consider this a Christmas gift for all you peeps out there with a serious Scrubs fetish. There will be no Kelly Rippain’ going on here just Zach Braff taking his shirt off in a rental car parking lot in Maui, Hawaii.

While the rest of us stay warm and cozy inside watching reruns of Scrubs Zach Braff is enjoying some fun in the sun with a Hawaiian holiday getaway. Zach has been spotted on the island with his rumored model girlfriend Taylor Bagley. While Bagley is a professional it looks like Braff is the one who should be hittin’ the catwalk as he went all Zoolander “Blue Steel” on the folks with Dollar Rent-A-Car.

Just look at the man, it’s like he’s thinking, “Oh yes, Maui. It is the Braffinator and I am here to scrub my love all over this paradise!”

Okay so maybe I’m getting a little carried away here. I mean it’s not like Donald Faison is there with him creating some sort of J.D. and Turk “guy love” fantasy island. OMG, Turk is in the Hawaii-house with Zach. Somebody Scrub slap me!

Scrubs stars Zach braff and Donald Faison vacay in Maui

That is just terrific. The only way this could be any more intense is if John C. McGinley came popping out of that bush Braff is disrobing near and slung an insult at the two. No this doesn’t happen because this would just be too much for you Scrub-heads to handle.

Speaking of too much, Braff and Faison actually teamed up just before this little vacay to make a holiday music video. Regretfully, Braff is fully dressed as the two get smooth and dapper for a version of “Baby It’s Cold Outside.”

Well this about wraps it up from the airport and airport parking lot in Maui. J.D. and Turk want you to know they’re no Superman but that there very well be an “Epiphany Toilet” atop their digs. That’s the way they roll. Say goodbye Braff!

Zach Braff stoked in Hawaii

Shirtless Braff: Derek Shook / Splash News | J.D. and Turk: Dave /Splash News

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