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Lawon Exum Big Brother 13

Lawon is fashionable, Lawon is fabulous, Lawon wants to win Big Brother 13 ya’ll so you better sit for a spell and catch up on the self-described handsomexy 39-year-old!

Lawon Exum Big Brother 13 Twitter imageIn researching Lawon Exum I can tell you that however long his run goes this year it will be an unforgettable one. According to Exum’s bio information from CBS, he’s a legal file clerk from Ingleside, CA. He loves exercising to keep himself handsomexy (handsome + sexy) and to travel for all the unique experiences that he can offer foreign places, I mean that foreign places can offer him! He says he’ll have a hard time dealing with the other house guest’s hygiene habits or lack-there-of and that there best not be any roaches up in the Venice Beach themed house. Did I say no roaches and Venice Beach (I keeeed)?!

So how does Lawon plan to la-win? Why he’s going to use his clever wit, style and his gift of gab to gain favor with his fellow competitors of course. In that vein, Lawon’s favorite BB player is a way-backer Will from Season 1 who according to Exum, “Used his looks and personality to win votes and the game.” That’s what we call Will-power and speaking of will power the well framed man you see hasn’t always been so. He mentioned dropping 54lbs when asked what one of his favorite accomplishments is. Oh, and more important than losing the extra baggage Exum has kept it off now for 15 years. That’s impressive!

Check out Lawon’s preview video from CBS in which he goes about answering the same questions as the other 7 new competitors:

Q: Other than the money, why do you want to win Big Brother?

Lawon: I have already won. That’s why I want to be on Big Brother. I’ve accomplished being on the show. I’ve already won. That’s why I want to be on Big Brother.

Q: What did you leave behind to play Big Brother?

Lawon: What I left behind was my friendships. I cherish them greatly and that’s what I left behind to play on Big Brother.

Q: How will you make this the most unique season so far?

Lawon: Just you looking at me right now I made it a unique season. My fashion sense gonna be buck wild. BUCK WILD! That’s why it’s going to be unique. My fashion sense is going to be sick.

Mr. handsomexy Lawon Exum of Big Brother 13

Q: What is your worst fear about being in the house?

Lawon: The worst fear of me being in the house is coming across some roaches. I hate roaches, they’re detest, they’re filthy. That is yuck!

Q: Who is your favorite Big Brother player ever?

Lawon: My favorite Big Brother player ever is Will because he brought it to you. He was who he was, that’s why he’s my favorite player. What you see is what you got.

Q: Are you looking forward to a showmance this season?

Lawon: I am not looking for no showmance but guess what? By any means necessary to do what I got to do to get to the top, I’ll do what it takes.

Q: How far will you go to make your way to the top?

Lawon: I’m going to do whatever I have to do to go to the top. Lie, steal, showmance you name it. I’m going to the top on Big Brother.

Straight answers from the man I have to say. You know is it me or does Lawon kind of sound like Muhammad Ali? If he can fight like him he’s got a chance! Digging a little deeper I found the following Funny or Die video from Exum entitled “Exum out! Takes of ‘Car Talk.'” Like our man Lawon it’s random, hard to figure out and interesting. Check it out:

That was kind of like Night at the Roxbury but with only one dude in a car! Lawon has a MySpace page that is for his business called Exum Out! Entertainment, Inc. There were a few fab photos of L.E. the Extrordinarian and I thought I’d share one with you:

Big Brother 13 Lawon Exum

I’m not even going to try to reword his business manifesto via the page because I couldn’t do any better. Here it is:

Welcome to Exum Out! Entertainment, Inc. E.O! E., Inc. is centrally located in Los Angeles, California (where it all manifested) with expansions coming soon to Washington, D.C and Atlanta, GA. Founder & CEO L.E. the Extrordinarian! began this entertainment empire when his passion for the entertainment industry grew. As he relocated from the East to the West Coast he observed that the entertainment industry lacked the positive spectrum…thus Exum Out! Entertainment, Inc. was created. E.O! E., Inc offers premier entertainment that allows the Stars to do what they do…SHINE. So sit back relax and enjoy because at E.O! E, Inc., Baby, everyone is a STAR!

I don’t know if everyone’s a star but I like Lawon’s chances at becoming a reality one when he explodes on to TV sets for the Big Brother 13 premiere! If you’re just dying to see what handsomexy does the first time a cockroach crawls across the floor you best sign up for the Big Brother Live Feed below. I don’t think any of us want to miss that.

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