PHOTOS VIDEO Paris Hilton Launches beauty products “The Celebrity Styler” and “The Ultimate Brush”

Paris Hilton and her new brush and curling iron

Paris Hilton was at the Thompson Hotel in Beverly Hills Tuesday for the launch of her new hair styling tools “The Celebrity Styler” and “The Ultimate Brush.” So for all you parents and boyfriends out there with daughters and girlfriends that haven’t quite reached their ho-tential, your Christmas shopping is done!

Photos: Juan Rico / Fame Pictures

The ultimate brush is essentially a plastic sea urchin on a stick that not only brushes your hair (theoretically) but also doubles as a silent microphone! But the best thing about the Ultimate brush? Its slogan: “Do you want a brush with fame?” Brilliant! Here is some informative Q&A from the Ultimate Brush web site:

Paris Hilton Ultimate BrushWhat makes the brush so unique?
The round shape is completely different than any other brush, use it once and you will be hooked for life. The shape and size gives you better control.

How does Paris use it?
Paris wears extensions most of the time, its great for her when she comes out of the shower, it helps to dry faster.

Whoah! And what about her other hair style product? That would be “The Celebrity Styler.” Sadly, it has a much less exciting slogan: The Amazing Rotating Iron: It curls, it straightens, it shines.” Meh. So why buy one? Let explain:

Imagine combining the best flat iron with a rotating curling iron – all wrapped up in one easy to use device with the latest cool technology. That’s the Celebrity Styler!

If you can brush your hair, you can easily use the Celebrity Styler – in minutes you can transform yourself to look like a Celebrity!

This is hairstyling taken to a new level – Paris Hilton is hooked –try it yourself and find out why everyone is saying the Celebrity Styler is the latest must have if you want to look your best.


It even has an automatic shut off if you forget to turn it off after your done styling and admiring yourself in the mirror!

Still not sold? Let’s see if Paris Hilton herself can’t convince you! First up is a behind the scenes/making of “The Ultimate Brush” commercial:

And the final commercial:

Poor Paris. She seems to be trying really hard, but any product with her image on it winds up looking like a sex toy. She should just roll with it and put out a REAL Paris Hilton hairbrush with these extra features:

a large, hollow handle that doubles as a flask
cell phone with night-vision video camera
built in straw for sippin’ ‘n’ snortin’
vibrating tip
multiple lube and topical ointment dispensers

Until then, you can get your Paris Hilton beauty products at!