PHOTOS Venus Williams’ beau Elio Pis knows Speedos

Venus Williams' boyfriend in Speedos

Tennis pro Venus Williams might have had a tough go around this year at the Australian Open but her model-boyfriend reminded everyone that she’s still #winning… Speedo style!

The lovely speciman you see above is Mr. Elio Pis, a Cuban-born model who’s the main man in Venus’ life. Elio was the real dealio in Miami on Monday as he got in a little beach time in a little bitty swimsuit.

Pis has appeared in French Vogue, modeled for Russell Simmons’ clothing line and worked with fashion-conscious Venus on her athletic apparel line EleVen.

Male model boyfriend of Venus Williams

Venus, 32, and Elio, 24, have been an item for months according to People,. Via his Facebook page, Elio describes himself as a, “Constant thinker, realist and optimistic, feel the energy, strong, smart, slick, bipolar, fun, and blunt. Outspoken, free minded, free spirit, passionate and applied.” His one listed sports favorite… Why it’s Venus, a 7-time Grand Slam singles title holder, of course!

Pis not only has the looks but some smarts to match. He worked his glorious rear end off to learn English and put himself through school. He graduated with a psychology degree from Florida International University in 2010.

Venus Williams' beau knows Speedos

You got yourself a nice Pis there Venus.