PHOTOS ‘Speedo Bliss’ at Jeffrey Fashion Cares 2011

Jeffrey Fashion Cares was a success again in New York City

I am about to venture into unknown territory with this one so hang with me readers!  Here at Starcasm we are heavy on the bikini bliss action never missing an opportunity to post up some fine looking female celeb rocking a two piece and sometimes less.  Well that’s all fine and dandy but sometimes the ladies and men who prefer men want to skip 4th meal and go straight to the beefcake!  I’m taking one for the team as I venture into Starcasm’s first edition of speedo bliss!

Jeffrey Fashion Cares was back in the NYC on Monday continuing their wonderful work that was founded by fashion pioneer Jeffrey Kalinsky.  Via the event’s official website the history and mission of JFC is laid out this way:

Jeffrey Fashion Cares was established in 1992 in Atlanta, GA, by Jeffrey Kalinsky, fashion pioneer and community leader. He launched the first-ever Jeffrey Fashion Cares event to heighten awareness of the plight of people living with HIV/AIDS and members of the LGBTQ community.

When Jeffrey brought his fashion show and reception benefit to New York in 2003, he brought with it a legacy of community involvement and philanthropy. In just 8 years, the event has raised almost $4 Million for LGBT and LGBT youth charities here in New York City. And each year, Jeffrey Fashion Cares attracts and hosts an A-List guest-list of socially-minded luminaries including philanthropists, top celebrities, famous socialites, fashion executives and designers, international marketing, sales, and banking executives, media executives and editors, well-known models, stars of film, stage, and television, and world-renowned artists.

Sounds like a great cause and as part of the benefit they rolled out some great men who just so happen to be really really really really good looking.

Jeffrey Fashion Cares was a success again in New York City

I guarantee you that the following stud did not get that bod blogging.  I thought about petitioning JFC to make an appearance but I’m guessing they would rather have guests ogling instead of Googling, “How to make my eyes stop bleeding.”  The events this year, including the runway action, were held at the Intrepid Sea-Air-Space Museum. JFC, roll that beautiful lean mean footage!

Well there you have it folks, our first foray into Speedo Bliss.  I hope you enjoyed the show and once again, kudos to Jeffrey Fashion Cares and all they do for their community. What good would I be if I didn’t include one more parting shot?!

All Photos: Jeff Grossman/WENN