PHOTOS – Snoop Dogg explodes a truck!

Facebook’s Mafia Wars game did one of the best marketing campaigns of all time when they had Snoop Dogg explode an armored truck!

This just proves that Snoop can do anything from making delicious cornbread (see below), to blowing up vehicles made of steal.

Snoop Dogg make a truck explode victory!

Now that’s how you explode a truck!

The best snack to eat while looking at Snoop Dogg explode a truck is Snoop Dowgg corn bread, which you can buy Albertson’s grocery store. Here’s a transcript of Larry King testing the wares:

SNOOP DOGG: Yes, that’s why I look so physically fit years later. You see I’m still at the — I’ve got my look together, Larry. That’s what it is, my diet consists of that Rosco’s those chicken and waffles. I think I’ve got some here right now.

If you don’t mind, I’ll have a — well, they brought big blocks of corn bread, too, and three chicken wings. KING: I don’t see any waffles.

SNOOP DOGG: They didn’t bring no waffles. They flipped the script today.

KING: Now —

SNOOP DOGG: They went with the —

KING: — why corn bread?

I love corn bread.

SNOOP DOGG: Me, too.

KING: Why is corn bread so good?

SNOOP DOGG: See, it depends on who makes the corn bread.

KING: Where you buy this?

SNOOP DOGG: It ain’t — ain’t gonna be no Jiffy. You’re talking about some handmade corn bread.

KING: Well, what store was this?

Oh, you made it at home?

SNOOP DOGG: Albertson’s.

KING: Albertson’s?

SNOOP DOGG: Safeway.


KING: Is this Snoop Dogg corn bread?

SNOOP DOGG: Yes. You can only get it at those stores.

KING: Wait a minute. I can go into Albertson’s and I can buy Snoop Dogg corn bread?

SNOOP DOGG: Yes, you can.

KING: Let me taste it, because I like corn bread.

SNOOP DOGG: It’s sweet, too, Larry.

KING: I know. It’s good. You’ve got a big — a pretty big piece there.

Who’s going to eat this there —

SNOOP DOGG: Well, they made —

KING: — the joker?

It’s good. Now, it’s very — yes, it’s very good. However, it’s very hard to host this show —

SNOOP DOGG: And eat corn bread.

KING: — while eating corn bread.

SNOOP DOGG: So let me take over for you.


Why don’t we put some peanut butter on it and I won’t come back?

SNOOP DOGG: That would be groovy.