PHOTOS Snooki’s huge new arm tattoo

Snooki's large crown arm tattoo

Jersey Shore‘s Nicole “Snooki” Polizzi spent her 9/11 weekend enjoying some American pastimes, namely getting a huge tattoo and… watching NASCAR?!?

The 23-year-old reality star shared her weekend activities with fans via Twitter, including photos of her new tattoo – a massive, colorful and ornate design that looks like a stylized crown on top with a red ribbon and bow underneath. She shared the image above along with the tweet:

MY NEW TAT <3 badass.

Here’s a zoomed-in and amped up view:

Photo of Snooki's new arm tattoo

That was followed by a couple more images of the tattoo on Sunday, along with Snooki’s cat Tommy:

Snooki shows off ehr new arm tattoo and fingernails

Snooki's new tattoo and her cat Tommy

In between tat tweets Snooki took in a NASCAR race with pals on Saturday, and of course she was completely decked out for the occasion!

Snooki attends a NASCAR race on September 10 2011

From Twitter:

Nascar LIVE on abc ! This is gunna be fun!

OMG I fricken love nascar! So sickkkk

If Nicole were running for President she would have just won over a lot of votes in the South! (I love the sound guy unable to restrain from gawking at that baSnookadonk in astonishment.)

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