PHOTOS Paris Hilton rocks wild Chanel gloves in Germany

The Chanel glove Paris Hilton wore

The OG famous-for-being-famous Paris Hilton has taken Germany by storm to promote new flavors of Rich Prosecco sparkling wine. Being American and not nearly as well-traveled as Paris I have to admit that I’ve never heard of Rich Prosecco sparkling wine before. Hey, I guess that’s why they hired Paris to go over seas to smile alot holding their product. That’s hot!

But this isn’t you parent’s Paris Hilton. She knew that she would in fact be holding lots and lots of cans during her promotional tour. With this knowledge “in hand” she decided to rock a seriously over-the-top pair of what appears to be diamond studded leather fingerless Chanel gloves. The only problem is that those gloves kind of overshadowed Rich’s wine. That’s not hot!

Here is a big time close up of the big time gloves.  Only Paris…

The Chanel glove Paris Hilton wore

And just to show that German sparkling wine a little love while it sat in the shadow of those gloves’ sparkles here’s a photo of Paris partaking in a little of the product:

Paris Hilton Germany promo

All I’m left with is some serious love for Paris’ glove. Feel free to click on any of the images in the gallery to see Paris’ hand adornments in their full fingerless glory!

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