PHOTOS Paris Hilton drunk and flashing panties

Perhaps sensing an opening due to Lindsay Lohan’s incarceration, Paris Hilton appears to be throwing her panties into the ring for World’s Biggest Hot Mess!

After a couple arrests for pot over the last few weeks, Paris kicked her election campaign into overdrive Friday night at the VIP Room in Saint Tropez, France by chugging booze, singing on stage and putting on one of her infamous crotch shot marathons! (Thankfully, she had her Krabby Patty covered with a pair of nude panties, so I’m guessing the CDC did not have to get involved.)

Joining Paris in her drinkin’, lip syncin’ and camel toe winkin’ fiesta was sister Nicky Hilton and on-again off-again boyfriend Doug Reinhardt, who both joined in on the intimate apparel fashion show:

Ahhhh… It’s nice to see Paris back in the headlines again! It’s also nice to get some celebrity panty flashing from someone over 17 for a change! And is it just me or is there something primevally attractive about a completely wasted Paris Hilton? I think I possess a heterosexual male gene that sees that and instantly sends a message to my brain, “Ooooooooo! There you go! Go get that!” Thankfully I’m usually sober enough for my brain to win out. Usually.

What? Oh yeah! Paris Hilton’s panties! Here’s another flashy, trashy, drinking a lot of mashy Paris Hilton upskirt picture with her patented wasted party girl expression:

Drunk Paris Hilton

If you’re a glutton for punishment and can stomach even more gruesome photos of the train wreck where Paris Hilton’s legs collide, here ya go! (Click the thumbnails for larger images in the gallery. Please use protection.)


Photos: ANG / FAME Pictures