PHOTOS Miami Housewife Adriana de Moura has wardrobe malfunction before performing ‘Feel the Rush’

Miami Housewife Adriana de Moura has a wardrobe malfunction

Vivacious and curvaceous Miami Housewife Adriana de Moura stepped out last night to perform her song “Feel the Rush” at a club. The only problem was that her nip joined in!

Adriana’s song was selected as the theme for season 2 of The Real Housewives of Miami and she was making her big public premiere performance at Mansion in Miami Beach. She told NBC 6’s NiteTalk:

Is all that what drove you to the song in the first place? Actually the opportunity arose when double-Grammy Brazilian music producer Silvio Riccheto approached me and asked if I could record a song with him. He has worked with major Brazilian singers.

Did the song come about before or/after the opportunity to use it as the theme for season two? We worked on the song for about eight months before the filming of season two. I co-wrote the lyrics while we recorded it and later sent the song to Bravo with the hopes that it would get picked up for the main theme of The Housewives.

Here’s another peek-a-boo. I think de Moura could’ve used some more, uhh, dress or Adriana might wanna tape it up at least. 😉

The art dealer and mother of one took to Twitter to thank a fan who enjoyed her performance:

That sparkly dress is hot but I kind of preferred the little bit too little black number she wore into the club.

Photos: Ralph Notaro / Splash News | London Entertainment / Splash News