PHOTOS Lady Gaga’s no-heeled shoes at the Rainforest Fund Concert

Lady Gaga wears no heeled shoes to the Rainforest Fund concert

Lady Gaga has moved past pushing the envelope of fashion and has moved on to testing the limits of physics! The pop singer became all sole Thursday as she showed up at the Almay Concert to Celebrate the Rainforest Fund in a pair of black no-heeled shoes that had elevated soles that must have been four inches tall!

Lady Gaga Walks on Her Toes In Interesting Shoes!

The effect was a very disjointing optical illusion that had Gaga looking as though she was going to tatopple over backward! I’m not sure what designer is responsible for this magical pair of footwear – perhaps Shoedini? Jimmy Choodini? I bet those things are murder on your calf muscles!

In addition to the Air Gagas, LG was sporting a coal-black laced gown and a gray hair bun that would have made Norman Bates do a double-take.

Lady Gaga Walks on Her Toes In Interesting Shoes!

During the actual concert held at Carnegie Hall, Lady Gaga performed one of her patented 180-degree costume swap and put on a stark white outfit to play piano with Sting:

Sting performs with Lady Gaga during the 21st birthday celebration for the Rainforest Fund at Carnegie Hall in New York
Photo: REUTERS/Lucas Jackson

And later she was once again lifted four inches off the ground when she shared the stage with one of her idols, Bruce Springsteen! (CLICK HERE to read more about the Gaga/Bruce collision and see a video of the star-studded finale performance of Journey’s “Don’t Stop Believin'” with Gaga, Bruce, Sting, Elton John, Debbie Harry and a bunch of almost naked dudes in their underwear!)

Bruce Springsteen and Lady Gaga perform at the Rainforest Fund's 21st Birthday at Carnegie Hall in New York
Photo: UPI/John Angelillo via Newscom

All Other Photos: FAME Pictures
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