PHOTOS Kim Kardashian stars in “When Chivalry Killed Joy”

Kim Kardashian demotivational poster

Let’s just get right to the point (No reason to beat around the Reggie Bush, right?) – Kim Kardashian has a GLORIOUS tush. You know it, I know it, she knows it, the world knows it. So if Kim is wearing a tight little dress with photographers all around and happens to drop her purse you should:

A. Be a nice guy and pick it up for her
B. Grab the purse and run (There’s probably a lot of $$$ in there!)
C. Just let it go and let nature take its course

Depending on your moral compass, nine times out of ten the answer is A or B. BUTT, if the person in question is Kim Kardashian, Jennifer Lopez or Kate Gosselin (No reason to be nice or $$$ there) you have to go with C!

I normally don’t literally yell at a computer or television screen unless it’s bad refereeing in a sporting event or a dumb person on Wheel of Fortune, but when I saw this series of photos I belted out a loud, “Noooooooooooooooooo!!! You idiot! What were you thinking?!? And this isn’t a chauvinist issue – the same principle applies if Taylor Lautner spills some wine on his shirt. DO NOT clean it right up with Oxy-Clean, right ladies?

What’s that you say? This is not a big deal? Let me remind you…

Kim Kardashian booty picture

Can you say “Kim Karcushion?”

I suppose for the sake of history I should mention that these photos of the always-lovely Kim Kardashian were taken as she arrived at the Bravada International Launch Party at The Whisper Restaurant and Lounge at The Grove in Los Angeles. The event was held April 7th and Kim was the host!

All Photos: Flynet Pictures

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