PHOTOS Katy Perry’s magic cleavage mesh

Katy Perry miraculously avoids a nip slip wardrobe malfunction

It brings me great pleasure to know that there is a team of fashion engineers working around the clock to figure out ways to defy physics and present Katy Perry’s breasts in new, never-before-seen ways!

Following on the heels of her sensational Nipple Me Elmo shirt from Saturday Night Live we have been given this über-cleavage flesh meshtacular look, which Katy wore last night in Mexico City to promote her new Purr line of perfume. The top of the dress is impossibly far apart, creating the illusion that something spectacular is about to be revealed! (The effect is so powerful I find myself looking at the photos again and again expecting the inevitable to have transpired. Grrrrrrr!)

Here’s another angle for those of you doing fashionometry calculations at home:

Katy Perry nearly flashes a nipple while promoting her Purr fragrance

This wasn’t the first time Katy used the space age fabric technology down Mexico way! In an appearance at a Meshico City mall Saturday she was saved from a South of the Border upskirt panty flash by a hem made of a similar fabric. Though it did protect those in attendance from seeing the Teenage Dream zone, it didn’t protect them from Katy Perry’s awesomeness – which was a bit too much for one girl:

Katy Perry suffers a slight wardrobe malfunction in Mexico City

Don’t worry la chica, I would have cried too.

Photos: / Splash News