PHOTOS Kate Middleton goes country in Canada

Kate Middleton goes country

I have to confess that I never got caught up in the royal wedding of William and Kate. On top of that, the Duchess’ sister’s bottom has been getting more attention as Pippa’s Brit-badonk has been stealing the head bottom lines. Now don’t get me wrong, I thought Kate was a pretty enough gal and from all accounts a great young woman to boot but there was something missing that I couldn’t quite put my fingers on as a red blooded American male but now I know what that is.

A ten gallon hat and a big ol’ belt buckle son!

That’s right hoss, I just couldn’t relate to all those fancy hats and dresses and formalities but when my Merle Haggard and Dwight Yoakam loving eyes caught wind of these photos from her appearance at the kickoff for the Calgary Stampede parade my heart started bucking like a bronco. She looks like a modern day sweetheart of the rodeo and boy did she really pull off the look. I’m imaging myself at a dance hall in Texas, William and Kate stroll in and I steal her away as we dance the night away to old Bob Wills tunes.

Here’s one more look at country Kate:

Kate Middleton in a ten gallon hat and a big belt buckle

Hey is that the Staples red Easy Button? If so maybe it could make her appear down at the corner bar tomorrow night in that fancy get up! What can I say? You can call me a Kate-head now because apparently I just needed to see her in the jeans, belt and hat to get converted. Since she’s visiting our neighbors north of the border I’d like to send out this dedication to the new western wear woman of my royal dreams. The song is “Navajo Rug” by Canadian legend Ian Tyson.

“And it’s Katie bar the door. She’d pull down that Navajo rug and lay it out on the floor :-)”

Photos: R Chiang / Splash News