PHOTOS Justin Bieber wins BAMBI Award for largest collar ever

Justin Bieber receives 2011 BAMBI for Entertainer

While alleged baby mama Mariah Yeater continues to stir up controversy at home here in the States, Justin Bieber continues his European Awards Shows Tour. His latest stop was Wiesbaden, Germany where the teen superstar was on hand to pick up his golden fawn for hugest collar ever “Entertainer” at the 2011 BAMBI Awards.

And prior to his collar-me-bad white look, Bieber was sporting a darker get up with black sweater vest and matching pants:

Justin Bieber on the red carpet at the 2011 BAMBI Awards in Germany

Of course you are probably wondering, like myself, what the BAMBI Awards are, so here are some excerpts from their web site:

Like no other German media award, BAMBI pays homage to the heroes of our time who have touched and inspired us with their actions, talents and visions. The awards have captivated audiences since 1948.

BAMBI is a symbol for the audience’s approval and a tribute to those whose abilities have dazzled and inspired the people of Germany. All the nominees have one thing in common: they have achieved something extraordinary. Each year, under the patronage of the chairman and publisher, Dr. Hubert Burda, a jury panel consisting of all chief editors in the company decides who should receive a BAMBI. The BAMBI is presented in categories such as film, fashion, sports and outstanding social commitment.

So that should clarify things, just in case you thought the BAMBI award was like any other German media award 😉 All kidding aside, BAMBI don’t play when it comes to bringing in the talent! In addition to The Biebs, Lady Gaga was also on hand to pick up her BAMBI in the “Pop International” category as well as perform her new single “Marry the Night” live.

But enough about Gaga! This is all about The Biebs yo! Here’s what the Bambi web site had to say about his presence at the event:

BAMBI 2011 will also be welcoming a further global star to Wiesbaden: Justin Bieber is to receive the Golden Deer in the Entertainment category. He’s a breaker of teenage hearts – and he’s only a teenager himself: The BAMBI 2011 in the Entertainment category goes to Justin Bieber. The 17 year old is the first international star to come out of the internet.

Love it!

And here’s an interview with Justin Bieber about attending the BAMBI awards in which The Biebs appears to be on autopilot and not too knowledgeable about the BAMBIs and what he would be doing there:

Bieber later did figure out what he would be doing when he arrived at the awards show… pumping his trophy!

Justin Bieber in Germany receiving a 2011 BAMBI Award

Photos: Patrick Hoffmann/

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