PHOTOS Irina Shayk’s bootyful dress at ‘Blue Valentine’ Premiere

Irina Shayk in an ass-flattering red dress at the Blue Valentine Premiere

Sports Illustrated swimsuit model and Cristiano Ronaldo arm candy Irina Shayk wore what could very well be the most ass-flattering dress to walk the red carpet in 2010 at last night’s Blue Valentine premiere – and this is coming from one of the biggest ass-flattering bloggers of 2010!

Now, before my fellow Kim Kardashian assficionados get their panties all in a bunch, let me clarify by saying I am talking about the dress here! Celebridonkadonks like Kim’s, J-Lo’s and Nicki Minaj’s don’t really have to do anything except not explode. Irina’s little red number is WORKIN’ it!

Irina Shayk in a booty-flattering red dress at the Blue Valentine Premiere December 7 2010

Now, before my fellow Irina Shayk fans go Russian to judgment, let me clarify by saying that she does have a mighty fine Vladivostonkadonk, but it is a bit more subtle than some of the afore-mentioned competitors and benefits from a little fashion assistance when wrapped in formal attire.

If you’re not a big fanny of formality, then I suggest you go grab Irina’s issue of Spanish GQ in which she unwraps and unleashes the full Monty. (Click for the bunedited version)

Actually, there is a bit of controversy surrounding this GQ photoshoot – Irina claims she never posed completely nude and that her clothes were Photoshopped off of her, a claim that the editor of Spanish GQ has refuted. (Wait – you can get paid for Photoshopping clothes off of supermodels?!? I never even knew I had a marketable skill!)

Here is part of the statement issued by Gael Marie of Elite Modeling Agency Spain followed by a translated version of the magazines lengthy response posted on their website in Spanish with a little Irina tush cushion in between:

In every image photographed Ms. Shayk was dressed in lingerie in the artistic and tasteful shots done by famed photographer Vincent Peters but due to negligence on GQ‘s part it seems as if Ms. Shayk “poised” for pictures entirely nude, which is false. A contract was signed on behalf of Ms. Shayk by Elite Model Management where she was to have approval of the interview, cover and images and was refused that right by the publication. Ms. Shayk was not nude and did not approve these images. Irina Shayk NEVER saw the images, cover or caption that was used in GQ Spain.

Irina Shayk in sexy black lingerie in Spanish GQ

Irina posed nude for GQ — she knows it, the Elite agency knows it, the photographer knows it, and so do the stylists and the fifteen witnesses who attended the photo shoot.


We chose one of the world’s leading photographers, known for the quality of his photos and never for any scandals, Vincent Peters. Among his portraits are names like Monica Bellucci, Eva Herzigova, Adriana Lima, Liz Hurley, Natalia Vodianova, Mariah Carey and Charlize Theron.


We have the contract, more than 15 witnesses who saw that Irina agreed to undress for the session, we have the original naked photos of Irina … What more evidence is needed? The facts, witnesses, original documents, photos … Why lie for lying?
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Irina does not need Photoshop and we know it. She is no novice and knows how to pose and when to accept a nude assignment and when not to. A photographer who does covers for GQ does not need to go deleting underwear photos.


Our feeling: anger and disbelief.

Forget the Spanish GQ controversy! Our diligent investigators (me) have uncovered something even more controversial! The Blue Valentine premiere wasn’t the first time Irina and her red gluteus maximust see dress have appeared together! She wore the same outfit to a Sports Illustrated Club SI Swimsuit event at The Hard Rock Hotel And Casino in Las Vegas on February 11, 2010! (My apologies for the perspective issues in this photo – Irina’s legs look way too twiggy to support that massive noggin!)

^ Photo: Isaac Brekken/Getty Images for Sports Illustrated

Wow – this post turned out to be waaaaaay longer than I thought it would when I started! I just thought it was going to be couple photos of Irina’s trunk junk at the Blue Valentine Premiere and a bit of derriere wordplay, little did I realize I would wind up with a potential Pultizer-winning piece of investigative journalism! You’re welcome!


^ Photo: Red Carpet Pictures

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