PHOTOS David Beckham Speedo Bliss

David Beckham hangs with a man in a Speedo in Malibu

I know, when you saw that header about David B and blissful Speedo action that photo is not what you imagined. You might argue that I mislead you butt in fact I believe that the scene from above was blissful for David, blissfully hilarious!

We feature an ongoing post here called Bikini Bliss that LeAnn Rimes has been bullying lately but out of fairness I’ve made an attempt at creating a balance in the swimwear blog universe by rocking a male ogling alternative in the form of Speedo Bliss. Alas, I think I’ve failed in this one except for the fact that you do get to see David frolicking in the Pacific. This crack kills poster was taken as David enjoyed some time in Malibu which he’s been doing a lot of lately. For more of that check “the bender” as he chilled with chef Gordon Ramsay’s wife.

This unknown Speedo master had a buddy who showed up and they both hung with Beckham but our Speedo man was hanging just a little more. Let’s get a shot without all that unnecessary Beckham background!

Man seen with David Beckham in Malibu rocking Speedos

Next time I’ll try to do better with Speedo Bliss 🙂

Photos: CW/Splash News

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