PHOTOS Chinese Kitty nudes from before plastic surgery show a different side of the LHHMiami star

Chinese Kitty’s Instagram stardom helped her land a gig as a featured player on the debut season of Love & Hip Hop Miami. Since the show premiered, her profile has only risen — but it’s also led to a bevy of questions about her arresting physique. Is Chinese Kitty’s body real? Thanks to the woman’s own words — plus a handful of recently leaked Chinese Kitty nude pics — we now have a definitive before-and-after gallery.

(Before we go any further, a quick note: As was the case when the Safaree Samuels nude video recently leaked, we can’t actually show you the Chinese Kitty nude pics within this article. We also can’t confirm that the pics are definitely of Chinese Kitty before her breast implants — just that, based on the tattoos, the woman in the pics is Chinese Kitty. To see the Chinese Kitty nudes, click here.)

Like her fellow Love & Hip Hop alum Dreamdoll, 23-year-old Chinese Kitty — real name Taylor Hing — has been open about her experiences with plastic surgery, which she says began with breast augmentation at age 19. Last year, after she’d been cast in LHHMiami but before the official case list was released, she discussed her reasons for the surgery in an interview for DJ Smallz Eyes 2.

“I always got picked on — they used to call me ‘Mosquito Bites,'” Taylor explained. “I had mosquito bites, when I was in [school]. I definitely always wanted to get my boobs done.”

Taylor also explained that she chose silicone implants because it’s “more of a natural look.” Today, she “thinks” her bra size is a 32DD — and said “I love my boobs,” but added that she still wants them bigger.

Here’s Chinese Kitty’s opinion of “women who get work done on their bodies”:

I feel like, if you have the money and you have the ambition to do it, go ahead and do it….Before I got my boobs done, I had these little, flat-chested boobs, and everyone was like ‘You’re gonna look so gross and fake, don’t get your boobs done!’ I’m like, ‘You know what? I’m just gonna get it done regardless.’ I went and got my boobs done, and all these people were like, ‘Oh my God! She’s beautiful! I love her!’ I feel like, if you want to do it, go ahead and do it. Just don’t find the cheapest route, and be getting ass shots somewhere in a back alley, and then your sh!t’s hangin’ out. I don’t advise that.

Elsewhere in the video, Kitty said that she had liposuction after giving birth to her son: “I was still really small-waisted and stuff, but, compared to all the other [Instagram] girls, it wasn’t the same. So I went and had lipo.”

Finally, here’s a mini Chinese Kitty photo gallery, reaching back to the beginning of her Instagram days. Let the debate over the true extent of Chinese Kitty’s plastic surgery begin:

Fun in the sun. #naturalhairflow

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Sit back and contemplate it all. Shot by @zavierdeangelo

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You can follow Chinese Kitty on Instagram here. Love & Hip Hop Miami‘s season finale airs March 5th at 9 PM on VH1, followed by a two-part reunion special on March 12th and 19th.

(Photo credits: Is Chinese Kitty’s body real via Instagram)

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