PHOTOS Cheryl Cole’s elaborate new booty tattoo at NTAs

Cheryl Cole reveals new butt tattoo and her breast at 2011 NTAs

Former Girls aloud singer Cheryl Cole wore a sexy little black dress to the National Television Awards in London tonight and in addition to her infamous (and rather attractive) sideboob, the nearly backless outfit revealed what looks to be some rather extensive new tattoo work on her bum!

Cheryl Cole back tattoo

Cheryl has had her ornate butterfly tramp stamp for a while, but all of the ink work extending from below her dress line is new. Here’s what her lower back used to look like compared to earlier tonight:

Cheryl Cole back butterfly tattoo before and after

This is purely speculation on my part – some very entertaining speculation I might add – but I am guessing Cheryl’s little derriere is completely inked up and probably looks like something from an all-female remake of Prison Break. Cheryl is just so darned attractive that I can’t confess I wouldn’t mind taking a gander and that I’m fairly optimistic that I would like what I saw. BUTT (heh heh) I don’t know that I would be saying the same thing 15 or 20 years from now!

*** I have a question for all you with booty tattoos out there – how in the world do you sit down after that?!? Is that just not an option?

So what’s the consensus on ass tattoos? Yay? Nay? It depends? While you think about it why don’t we take a look at Cheryl Cole’s beautiful front side!

Cheryl Cole on the red carpet at the National Television Awards 2011

Cheryl Cole Tweedy from Girls Aloud at the 2011 National Television Awards

Showing off sexy tattoos on the red carpet is nothing new for Cheryl Cole, though. Take a gander at her jaw-dropping look at the premiere of Outside the Law at last year’s Cannes Film Festival which reveals Cheryl’s sexy tribal band tat on her thigh, among many other things!