PHOTOS Chef Gordon Ramsay’s wife in a bleeping bikini

Gordon Ramsay's wife in a bikini

Reality TV shows us that it’s damn hard to impress celebrity Chef Gordon Ramsay. Well the lady featured in this chapter of bikini bliss, Tana Ramsay, has managed to do this quite well considering that the foul mouth flambeauer has been married to her for 14 years! That’s right, what you’re feasting your eyes on is the British broadcaster who had enough sand to say, “I do,” to Gordon Ramsay.

Gordon and Tana enjoyed a little vacay time on the beaches of Malibu and Tana got especially adventuresome as she took her turn rocking her beach body while bodyboarding in the surf. The 36-year-old appeared to be having a great time as she enjoyed the sun, fun and ocean waves. Here’s another shot of Tana, this time fully covered in the O’NEILL bodysuit looking lovely:

Gordon Ramsay's wife in a bodysuit

Gordon and Tana have had four children together, daughters Megan and Matilda, and fraternal male-female twins Jack and Holly. Gordon was chillaxin’ beachside probably dreaming of new vulgarities to scream at wannabe cooks while Tana did the dipping. She wasn’t all on her own as she frolicked with a handsome young man who looked a lot like David Beckham. Wait a minute, it WAS David Beckham. Maybe those new vulgarities weren’t for incorrigible cooks!

David Beckham Tana Ramsay play together in Malibu

Look at David’s piercing eyes and glistening chest. Wait, this is a bikini bliss post so you don’t have to ogle Beckham like Gordon’s wife was. Well that’s about it for this special bleeping edition of bikini bliss. We’ll leave you with a long parting shot zoom in of the bikini top:

Gordon Ramsay's wife in a bikini top

Photos: Splash News