PHOTOS Bikini bodies galore from the Big Brother 14 live feed!

JoJo Spatafora looks bikini hot in the Big Brother house

It’s summertime in the land of reality television which means it’s time for the annual bikini post from the Big Brother live feed! We’re just a few days into the full voyeur service but Season 14 of BB isn’t disappointing as plenty of eye-opening shots custom-made for some screen cappin’ have surfaced.

Hot new additions JoJo, Danielle, Kara, Ashley and Jenn combined with veteran loveliness in the form of Janelle and Britney has resulted in a house all stuffed full of bikini stuffin’ goodness!

Enough blog yapping, let’s get down to it. Here are just a few of the highlights that must have little Ian giggling all day and night!

JoJo Spatafora bikini BB14 caps:

JoJo sexy bikini body Big Brother 14
JoJo BB14 life feed bikini.

JoJo with a smoke and her bikini bod
JoJo Spatafora literally smoking in her bikini.

BB14 JoJo adjusting her bikini
JoJo gets use to that audio equipment as she holds on to her bikini top.

Ashley Iocco bikini BB14 screen caps:

Ashley Iocco bikini Big Brother 14 live feed
Ashley gets “adjusted” to living inside the Big Brother house.

Ashley Iocco BB14 bikin
Tip of the hat to Ashley as she soaks up some BB sun.

Kara Monaco bikini BB14 screen caps:

Kara of BB14 in her bikini in the BB14 house
Kara shows why she was a former Playmate of the Year!

Kara Big Brother 14 bikini screen cap
Kara slathering up to get just the right tan for Big Brother 14.

Jenn Arroyo bikini BB14 screen caps:

Jenn Arroyo Big Brother 14 bikini
Jenn rocks it out in her own bikini for BB14.

Rocker Jenn BB14 bikini
Jenn shows she can do the bikini thing too for Big Brother 14.

Janelle Pierzina bikini BB14 screen caps:

Janelle shows off her new curves for Big Brother 14
“Coach” Jenelle still brings a seriously hot bikini bod!

Janelle looks hot in her BB14 bikini
Don’t spill that bowl in your cleavage Janelle!

Janelle seems happy back in the Big Brother 14 house
Janelle looks right at home in the Big Brother house and in a bikini.

Britney Haynes bikini BB14 screen caps:

Big Brother's Britney haynes makes a classic face in a cute bikin
Few things better than Britney in a bikini for Big Brother making a funny face.

britney BB14 bikini screen cap
The little black bikini does Britney Haynes well in the BB14 house.

I love summer, bikinis and Big Brother!