PHOTOS Big Brother 12 Britney Haynes’ 2006 trip to New York City

Big Brother 12 houseguest Britney Haynes
Dealing with the bull in the Big Brother house is nothing new for Britney Haynes!

Before she was winning the hearts of celebrity bloggers as the beautiful sharp-witted last woman standing on Season 12 of Big Brother, Britney Haynes was a Big Apple guru!

The pageant veteran from Huntington, Arkansas spent four weeks in New York City in 2006 as part of the NYU Summer Housing Program. Her first week she stayed with a friend in Queens and then moved to Manhattan where she shared an apartment with another student on Water Street. Both Britney and her mom were very active on Trip Advisor during the time and here’s part of what Britney’s mom had to say about the experience:

Since she had 4 months to prepare for the trip, she was able to get tickets to a lot of things in advance. She saw David Letterman, GMA, the Tony awards, and TRL three different times. Actually, after her first visit to TRL, she was invited back twice by the one of the producers. Once, she modeled summer footwear on the show. She had a ball, and we of course enjoyed seeing her on TV.

Britney Haynes on her way to the Tony Awards
Britney and friends heading to the Tony Awards!

She also took full advantage of the student rush tickets for the Broadway shows for $25 per ticket. She saw Three Days of Rain and Mamma Mia before she went to the Tony’s. Afterwards, she made a point to go see The Wedding Singer and The Drowsy Chaperone and loved them both. I arrived her last 5 days there and we together saw The Producers, Spamalot, and Wicked.

With so much time, she was able to see the Tenement Museum, visit both candy stores, Serendipity, TOTR, Met, Central Park and all of its attractions, SOL, and so much more I can’t even remember it all. She did so much shopping that I had to take an empty suitcase just to haul it all the new purchases home.

It was an amazing adventure that she will never forget. She hopes to try London next summer and then back to NYC.

Here is a link to some pictures and thanks again, so much.

Britney Haynes and the Statue of Liberty
Britney’s fun-spirited sense of humor was clearly already formed in 2006!

The link is to a shutterfly account with lots of photos of Britney and pals having a real blast in NYC as well as a few of her apartment. But, Britney apparently didn’t think too much of her mom’s photo choices and she later replied to the forum thread, beginning with “Hello all, My mom didn’t put any fun pics on here, so allow me to!” She then went on to talk about her experience which ended with:

I hear a lot of people say that they are just as content in Queens or Brooklyn rather than paying more to live in manhattan, but to me, it wasn’t worth it. There really is just something to being right there. I found that I just didn’t enjoy it as much when I lived in Queens, and though it is way more expensive, manhattan is the place to be. I can’t explain it, it is just better.

My favorite place in all of the city was Greenwich. It was sooo beautiful and calm. I loved the meat packing district and I loved 5th avenue (around 60th). But I also loved the area I lived in, and the theatre district. Okay, I loved everywhere but the lower east side!

As we were underage, we spent a lot of nights seeing shows or sitting in union square. Never boring by any means. One night one of my guests went out with some guy she knew here to bar hop a little, and she got rejected everywhere without her ID. So, it is not easy to walk in somewhere. They do check.

anyways, here are the good pics that my mom didn’t show!!!!

sorry that some got put on there more than once. It took SO long to do that I don’t have time to edit them out.

Britney Haynes on Wall Street
So that’s where Britney got her brass balls! (Yeah, yeah – they’re bronze, I know)

You can read more of Britney’s Trip Advisor entries HERE. The entries only reinforce that Britney is a very intelligent young woman who was destined to take the world by storm! She later returned to New York City for another short summer stint and announced it on Trip Advisor. When asked about what the folks from Arkansas thought about her times in The Big Apple, Britney responded:

As far as peoples’ reaction, most people did think I was crazy, and still do. They are so used to cows, living on 100s of acres, and using lawnmowers as transportation devices. They think being so close to (GASP) other people and TALL BUILDINGS (heaven forbid) would just be insane. Especially old people, they think going to NYC is like commiting suicide. People down here really are just so much different. I think for them, it may be suicide. They couldn’t make it. lol

Middle aged people can go either way, depending on how cultured they are. If they haven’t ever left Arkansas, they think it’s insane and side with the oldies. But the ones who travel a lot or have been to NYC and understand the city thought it was really interesting and exciting that I had that opportunity.

Britney Haynes

Younger people are much better (well, the college ones) about it and they thought it was so cool, and were very jealous. They wanted to know about how the subway worked and how people act. They would look at my pictures and just ooh and ahh over the view from TOTR, Julia Roberts at the stage door, me at the Tonys, and of course over my stint on TRL. By the time my friend Michael, the worlds most uncultured person ever (never left AR) came, I completely considered myself a New Yorker! ha! So it was fun to see his reaction to everything and get that sense of awe again through him. He loved it too and had so much fun. But where I felt like I fit right in, he just didn’t. I could walk just as fast, act just as tough, and seem just as purposed as anyone else on that sidewalk. He, however, would stare around wide eyed, walk too slow, and point at stuff. I was constantly saying, “HURRY UP!” and “Don’t stare you psycho tourist! Do you want a fanny pack?” Like when this guy was getting arrested for bootleg DVDs michael wanted to stand and watch! I was like, get over it, lets go! I had to tell my mom to hurry a lot too. : )

The way that people act mirrors what I thought NYC would be like before I actually experienced NYC. I was so scared to hail a cab, get on the subway, or try to navigate those strange streets. After I got there I realized how great it is and how much I love it. I just cannot wait to go back!

OK, OK, OK… This post is going on too long. I have to realize that not everyone thinks you can never have enough Britney Haynes (as I do). You can read more about Britney’s traveling adventures through the links in this article.

I’m gonna go poke some needles in my Brigade voodoo dolls now!

Here are a couple more Britney New York City photos…

A younger looking Britney Haynes

Britney Haynes have a big mouth indeed!

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