PHOTOS Bachelorette’s Chris Lambton dating Bachelor’s Peyton Wright

The Bachelorette's Chris Lambton and The Bachelor's Peyton Wright are confirmed to be a couple

ABC’s reality love competition shows The Bachelor and The Bachelorette often get ridiculed because of their lackluster success rate (2 marriages in 19 seasons) but we sometimes forget about the collateral damage benefits of appearing on these shows. Just do the math: 19 seasons with at least 20 attractive young single men and women each season… Add that to numerous reunion parties and shows like Bachelor Pad and you’re bound to wind up with a match, right? Apparently so!

Last season’s Bachelorette runner-up Chris Lambton, a hunky nice guy from Cape Cod, Massachusetts who reportedly turned down an offer to be this season’s Bachelor, has confirmed with People that he is currently dating Peyton Wright, the sexy blond “sorority recruiter” from Season 10 of The Bachelor (2007) starring Andrew Baldwin and Season 1 of Bachelor Pad this past year.

The Bachelor Pad's Peyton Wright bikini photo
^ Peyton Wright in her Bachelor Pad bikini promo photo

“We met at another Bachelor function,” Wright tells People. “It’s long distance so we’re on the phone and iChatting a lot.”

Apparently the “Bachelor function” she is referring to was the Jimmy V Celebrity Golf Classic held last August in Raleigh, North Carolina. Show host Chris Harrison tweeted this photo that includes Chris Lambton and Peyton Wright on August 21:

Chris Lambton, Jesse Beck, Peyton Wright and Chris Harrison

Harrison’s caption was “Night 2 in Raleigh w @JessePaulBeck @ChrisLambton13 & we added @PeytonJWright all for @jimmyvgolf”

Then in September Bachelor and Bachelorette maven Gia Allemand invited Chris Lambton, Peyton Wright and a few other former contestants to a weekend in the Hamptons. Here’s one of her tweets from September 16:

Hurry up and get here @ChrisLambton13 @McSwaggerMusic @JasonResminiEsq @PeytonJWright @AHunt125 @wesleyhayden @GwenGioia

And here are a series of photos posted by Gia over the course of the weekend with her captions:

The Bachelor's Peyton Wright and Gia Allemand in the Hamptons
“Look who just got hereeee” (Peyton Wright with Gia Allemand)

Chris Lambton cooking breakfast
“Andddd were off to a great start this morning… @ChrisLambton13 cooking us breakfast”

Chris Lambton parties with girlfriend Peyton Wright in the Hamptons
“Like our clothes?” (That is Chris Lambton in the green shirt in the front and I believe that is Peyton cut off on the left)

Why isn’t Gia Allemand toting a video camera around? It sounds like her reality series is waaaay more fun than the show itself! (For lots of former Bachelor/Bachelorette contestant updates be sure to follow her on Twitter!)

I’m happy for Chris Lambton – he seemed like a genuinely nice guy who probably was a little too humble and shy to be The Bachelor – and I mean that as a compliment. I have to confess I didn’se see Peyton’s season of The Bachelor and I only watched about ten minutes of Bachelor Pad so I don’t really have an opinion about Peyton other than the fact that she’s quite the looker.

So what do you think? Will Chris and Peyton beat Ali and Roberto to the alter?!?

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