PHOTOS Autographed Washington Redskins car for sale on Ebay

The Honda Accord you see above would usually hurt my eyes, but being a die-hard Skins fan I have to admit I’m tempted to make a bid.  Bid you say?  That’s right – this thoroughly decked-out ride is being auctioned on Ebay by Mr. Roland Sasser of Fayetteville, GA.

Beyond the gloriously gaudy paint job what makes this ride especially enticing to John Riggins-worshiping fools like myself is the fact that it’s autographed by the 2006 & 2008 Redskin teams!  Included in the list of signatures are Hall of Fame coach Joe Gibbs and the late Sean Taylor.  It is important – and regretful – to note that Adam Archuletta also signed the ride, decreasing its value dramatically.

Man, that is exactly what I dreamed of as a 16-year-old kid! The Honda Accord is a 2002 LX with just over 100,000 miles.  Sasser explains the hard truth behind the reason for parting with something so darn majestic and beautiful: his wife.

I have pictures of players signing the car and you can just google Redskins car and read the stories on it. I just recently had my first child and my wife said its time for the car that I don’t drive to move on. My loss will be someone’s ultimate gain. I only hope it ends up with a fan as big as myself.

The fact that Sasser feels forced to sell his chariot of truth is a tragedy of Heath Shulerian proportions.  It will be like Superbowl XVIII all over again when the victorious raider comes to steal away his trophy.  Even worse, it could end up wrecked like a Frerotte head-butt or a Daniel Snyder draft day decision.  It will be a Russ Grimm day indeed, no ifs and or Dave Butz about it.

So what is his wife going to say when McNabb gets revenge on the Eagles and leads the Redskins back to Superbowl glory?!?  She will be wringing her Shanahands just wishing she were the wife of the Cooley guy who had the autographed car that is Haynesworth a fortune.  Doesn’t she appreciate the Art Monkfulness of the decor, the fun-bunch of times that she could have just riding around listening to “Hail to the Redskins,” how her friends would be Darrel Green with envy?  She could fly to London Fletcher and back and not see anything as beautiful.

If I was him I would be Mark Rypien my old lady a new one, bouncing off the walls like the rafters at RFK stadium.  I would leave her faster than a Santana Moss 9 route.  She says the child is the reason for parting with the ride, I say a legacy is at stake and that her husband is neglecting his duty to raise his children right.  Someday his offspring will grow up and see the following video and it might mean nothing.  Just the thought makes me question Mr. Sasser’s Dexter Manley-ness:

I guess Mr Sasser’s heart, just like his Honda, runs on unleaded not DIESEL!  If you’re interested like I am but can afford it like I can’t the auction deadline is July 8th.